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Hey guys,

I realized I had been linking to this old blog from my new blog but hadn’t done the reverse!

It has been a few years! But please come follow me on my new blog, more generalized, focused on adult struggles. I will talk about the law of attraction still here and there and welcome any feedback or suggestions still.

Come join me here!


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I’ve been gone some time! I really wanted to blog, but I just didn’t know what else to talk about.

Today I guess I got a little inspiration.

I have this acquaintance, a “friend” of a friend who is one of those dreaded individuals: the toxic people!

Everything out of her mouth is negative and she is so deep into her negativity she is attracting nothing but negativity as we can safely assume.

Facebook status after facebook status is just nothing but complaining. And always with a “surprise surprise” type attitude. Because she expects it!

Cardinal rule of LOA: you get what you expect! To the point where she is genuinely surprised by anything good that happens in her life!

These are the types of people you want to avoid. Granted, nothing can effect you unless you let it, but if you are susceptible to other people’s opinions and energy: steer clear!!!!

I promise I will try and blog more. Help me out and ask me questions! I’d love to hear from you guys.

Until next time!


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I’m still here guys. Just not feeling as inspired to write I suppose 🙂

I’m also quite busy lately with work etc so not as easy for me to remember to blog it up 🙂

What would really help is if you have any questions, I would love to answer them as I’ve done in the past. I’m just not sure what to write more about lately 🙂

I will stop by when the inspiration strikes, and I hope you readers can help me with that.

Any questions whatsoever, don’t be shy!

Hope to hear from you 🙂


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I’ve been slowly reading The Power of now by Tolle, like I had mentioned in my last post. And I have to say…i’m not a fan of his writing style. It’s not something I’m resonating with myself.

I’m going to continue to read it, and if I find some interesting quotes or concepts in it, I will share it, but I’m not going to go into it as in-depth as I expected to. I think I will try to do a more in-depth series of entries on one of the Abraham-Hicks books as I’m more familiar with their work, and it’s easier to read and resonate with.

More to follow 🙂


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So one of the lovely ladies on PI (well two, really) started a book club.

Such a great idea. The book that’s being read right now is Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now. And Donna, one of PI’s many awesome members is sharing the chapters one by one!

It’s amazing because I’ve heard about this book from so many people but I didn’t feel like buying it, so look what I manifested 😉 (everytime I say the word manifest I laugh because I can hear this guy, Zack Bagans from this show Ghost Adventures saying the word lol and my best friend and I love that show and find he says it in a way that sounds funny hehe. Anyways, tangent over)

So I think I’ll be reading the chapters and doing some quoting and recaps with you all when I feel compelled to share from the book.

Just read the intro and reading chapter one now, so I will get back to you, but I think it’ll be a fun experience!

Until next time!


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There is much talk in the LOA community about the art of allowing and how important it is for attracting what we want into our lives. I’ve also noticed that this process seems to be quite easy for people to understand on an intellectual level but extremely difficult on a spiritual level. Unfortunately until you have grasped the art of allowing on a spiritual level you may find it near impossible to manifest your desires.

So…. what is the difference between the two ?

Intellectual Knowledge :  Say for example you wanted to learn how to drive a car. how would you approach this? … well you would probably take lessons from a qualified teacher,  go to the library , read up on the highway code  . Basically you would use every resource to build up your knowledge on this subject to a very high degree.  Intellectual Knowledge is knowledge attained from existing sources to give you a higher understanding of the subject which is being learned.  you want to know how to play the violin ? learn everything you can about the instrument, take lessons,  play in an orchestra, practice techniques that other violinists have learned …. Intellectual Knowledge .

Spiritual Knowledge:  When you have built up your intellectual database of knowledge to a point where you no longer rely on external sources to continue your journey of learning. For example , with the car analogy , someone says to you “can you drive me to the shop?” … Now , if you had only acquired intellectual knowledge at this point , this would be quite stressful .. and it would require a lot of thinking, like this … “right , so do i have current road tax? .. hmmm which key is it to start the car again? .. ok, im parked, how do i get out of this space again?.. ahh handbrake down before i reverse …. oh i think i’ll need to indicate to other drivers that im turning left… ok, ok, remember to brake at all junctions.. the fuel light is on, that means im low on petrol , im sure of it … what does this button do again? … oh great it’s raining, where’s the windscreen wiper button again ?? …. aaaaaaargh!!!

Lets look at the car analogy again.. someone says to you “can you drive me to the shop?”… in your full spiritual knowledge , you would reply “sure” … and then ….. DRIVE!

you would know how to drive instinctively .. without thinking about it .. the feeling in your whole body and mind tells you that .. yes , you can drive … so DRIVE !!


This is the difference between Intellectual Knowledge and Spiritual Knowledge .. so how do we apply this to LOA and the art of allowing ?


Allowing : the ability to let the complete energy flow of your higher spiritual self  to operate THROUGH you … NOT by you .. read that statement  a few times , do you get it? .. no ? then read it again.. get it this time? … what do you mean no? … haha … read it 50 times , read it 100 times… find other sources of information/authors who explain it also … done that? … ok, now do you get it? … sort of? .. well you’re getting there.. keep looking for information that relates to it , try you tube, seminars ….. oh, what about now?

you GET IT!!! .. that’s awesome .. how do you feel ? … ” well i feel like my whole being truly understands that statement without a shadow of doubt”


CONGRATUALTIONS!! … you now have spiritual knowledge regarding that statement


so if you haven’t got this statement , let me build up your intellectual knowledge a bit. You want this universal energy (higher self) to flow through you and create the changes in your life that you want.. sounds eay enough doesnt it ? so what is this resistance i keep hearing about that stops this flow of energy? well im glad you asked .. resistance can come in many forms .. doubt, fear, anxiety, sadness, worry, lack … all this is bad energy .. so imagine this amazing flow of energy rushing towards you .. it wants to give you everything you desire if you just allow it … then …. you feel a bit of doubt…. this is the equivalent of raising your medieval shield to this energy flow … you are now in a state of battle , lol …. whats that ? you’re worried ? … you just placed 5 soldiers in front of the shield to defend you from this universal energy … hahaha so you get my point ?  lower the shields and remove the soldiers and you can have everything that you want… but how?? i have these shields up and my soldiers wont budge even when i command them .. they are quite stubborn 😉 … so …. now you realise that you want to be on the winning side (universal energy) what do you do ??

easy… you need to introduce GOOD energy … happiness, joy, appreciation … these feeling will lower the shields and let the universal flow of energy resume …

so how can i avoid putting up these defences ? …  STOP THINKING!! …… STOP TRYING TO CONTROL YOUR EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT AND SITUATIONS!!! and be happy, appreciative with everything you have at this present moment in time…. but live in a state of anticipation of great things that are coming your way!!


now go …. begone with you and build up that intellectual knowledge :))))







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I’m a lucky girl. I have great friends, great family, an apartment I love that’s right down the street from the lakeshore, I love my pets (just got a brand new kitten!) I have way more than all my basic needs met.

When you go through those funks, sometimes all it takes to smile again is perspective. How lucky are we? I guess it’s better to say blessed. Because truly. Anyone reading this is sooo blessed! We have shelter, electricity, enough food to eat, and I’m sure way more than that.

Start with the basics and work your way up. Appreciation is a big part of the law of attraction. If we don’t appreciate what we do have, then how do we expect to get more to appreciate?

Those people (we all have one or two of them in our lives) who just seem to experience nothing but negative. Think about your conversations with them. Do they ever look on the bright side? Or focus on all that negative stuff? It’s the latter more often than not. And that is why they are not breaking the cycle.

I do this all the time. How did I attract this? How did they attract that? And I always find an answer. It helps a lot to strengthen your faith in LOA for those who aren’t quite there yet.

So what do you have to appreciate? What are you gonna set out to attract today? Keep it simple. Or have some fun and try and attract a car of a rare color, or something else random. I for one will be having a great day at work, with no mistakes. And come home to my two cats 🙂

What about you?

Until next time:


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